Get s#!t done

Finishing work and getting paid requires coordination. Easy when everyone is in the same place at the same time and hard when they are not. 

Sitepics solves this by putting everyone in the picture. Detailing what needs to be done and where, via the power of photos that are easy to take, mark-up and share.

Work Coordination

See work unfold

Via the Sitepics feed you can watch work unfold in real time, or search for historical records. Pics are auto addressed so they are easy to search via time, user or GPS location.

Pics can be marked up and shared to people on the Sitepics network and off. You can even share pics to non Sitepics users via the send-to email function.





After you have taken a pic, anyone on the company account with permission can see it. You can also alert other company members be they contractors or staff by turning a pic into a Topic. Topics are messages that can be collaborated on.

Mark up tools

Sitepics features easy to use mark up tools that are built for trades and technical work coordination. Mark up your photos to communicate work requirements, measurements and more.