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Sitepics is an Australian based global business with support staff based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Have questions? Please check out our how it works page and see below for our most frequently asked support questions.

If you need further assistance, please fill out the support form opposite noting the following:

If you have an issue with the app, please ensure you are on the current App store version and are running the current device operating system. Please advise us the make and model of your phone.

If you have an issue with the Web UI, please advise us of your web browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome) and the version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the pictures?

The company (account) that the picture is taken under owns the photo. Photos by default are only visible by employees and contractors invited to your company account.

Can I take photos for multiple companies?

An individual user can be invited to join more than one company. After logging into their app they can easily switch between companies to contribute photos directly to each. Photos are not shared between companies unless done so purposefully and with permission

What happens when I send someone an invite to my company account?

They will receive an invite email, as long as they sign up with the email address as per your invite, they will then see your company invite appear on their next log in.

What phones do you support?

Our first release is in iOS, however, our app is finally available on Android as well.

I signed up an account but now want to transfer admin control?

Log into Sitepics web interface and go to Account menu and click on Company details.

How do I know how much storage I have left?

You should receive an email from Sitepics when your account is at 90% capacity. You can also see how you much storage you have left by logging into the Sitepics website (admins only) and clicking on Account, manage subscriptions.

I have invited a new user and they can't see any photos?

Please log into Sitepics website and check the permissions you have applied. By default, contractors can only see photos they have taken, where as staff can see all photos.

What integration do you support?

Out of the box we support Active Directory integration, although please note this is only available on the 500+ account. We are also working on Simpro integration. If you want to know when Simpro integration is released, please fill out support form above and we will let you know as soon as it drops.