Service your customers faster with Sitepics. Easily locate photos that put you in the picture when providing remote service.

Sitepics is so easy to use, field technicians and trades find it a breeze to keep pictorial service records up to date.


Service Departments

Sitepics powerful WebUI

Every Sitepics account provides access to our simple yet powerful Web interface. Search via site address, map. Even narrow down via user or time and date. These powerful search tools make it a snap to find that one pic you need for remote service support.

Easily located photos means you can quickly direct field technicians towards the issue. Sitepics picture mark up tools are perfect for virtual labeling and on the fly site instructions.

When the work is done, use before and after photos with easy to create quick links for invoicing.


Location, location, location

Searching for pictures via location has never been easier. Sitepics auto geo-locates photos. GPS can be a little innacurate so Sitepics lets the user fine tune the pic location, and via colour coding you can easily tell which pics were auto located and which are user optimised.

Sitepics stream

The simplicity of Sitepics is that users in the field need only take a pic and within seconds you have access to it. No more sifting through emails, or message backlogs looking for pics.