Get Paid Quicker

Getting paid for your company’s work often requires proof of delivery. Be it landscaping, carpentry, or rail repairs.

Sitepics certifies your work by allowing you to collate time and date-stamped photos from the field.



Accounts Teams

Critical proof of delivery at your finger tips

Log in to the Sitepics web and simply generate a quick link. From there simply copy and paste pic links into your invoices.

Customers need no special software to view pics.



Time and date stamps

Sitepics provides third party proof of service delivery by pulling time and date stamp info from photos. Along with GPS locating, customers can recieve simple yet powerful proof of your service delivery.

Quick links

By default all Sitepics images are private however by generating a public link, those who receive the link can view the image without any special software or password. This makes it perfect for invoicing where you don’t necessarily know who needs to view the pics at the customer end in order for you to get paid.