About us

Created by professionals just like you

Sitepics was created by a group of professionals working across the security, IT and technical trade industries. Forever searching for that one site photo to assist with a support call or include in a marketing presentation, Sitepics founders searched for solutions and found none. Thus Sitepics was created!


Sitepics.app Pty Ltd
ABN 12621764314
1-3 Albert Street
Blackburn, VIC, 3130




As Sitepics took shape, the realisation was made the pictures are a grossly under-utilised resource in business, mostly due to the time overhead of picture management.


Our Company Mission

Sitepics mission is to make location based picture editing, and management simple, painless and powerful.

Our Vision

To empower the global workforce with the very best visual communications tools

"I started work in my family's development and property management business. Sitepics has been built to help similar companies get work done quicker and more efficiently. Super important when your work is scattered over a large state"

Fiona Brown – Co-Founder

"Talking customers through remote power resets and the like would have been infinitely easier with the right photo in hand. That's why I was excited to join the team after selling my IT Services business. I immediately got the problem that needed solving"

Mark Reside – Dev Lead

"I was previously involved in the security industry as a Sales Executive where I spent many hours searching for site survey photos mixed up with my thousands of personal photos. If only Sitepics existed then! "

Adam Godwin – Chief Marketing Officer